Province of Noord-Holland

The province of Noord-Holland is one of the twelve provinces that make up the Netherlands. From an economic point of view it is arguably the most vital part of the Dutch economy. The province holds a strong international position in various fields.

Home to international business

The traditional open community of the coastal province of Noord-Holland, has always attracted companies and people from all over the world. At the moment the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area alone counts 2,200 international companies and is home to 170 nationalities.

Flourishing economy

The second most densely populated province of the Netherlands can be roughly divided into two economic areas: The ‘North’, with a focus on innovative agriculture and horticulture, maritime and offshore, energy, life science, health and water. The ‘South’ is specialized in IT & media, creative industry, logistics, food & flowers and finance.

Paviljoen Welgelegen

Tourist hot spot

To many foreign visitors and inhabitants Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is the touristic highlight of the province of Noord-Holland. Although Amsterdam attracts approximately 5 of the in total 6 million annual tourists in this area, Noord-Holland has much more to offer.

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King’s Commissioner of the province of Noord-Holland

Johan Remkes has been the King’s Commissioner in the province of Noord-Holland since 1 July 2010. Remkes chairs the Provincial Council, the 55 people’s representatives in charge of the provincial policies.

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Fact & Figures Province of Noord-Holland
Capital Haarlem

2,671 km²

Number of municipalities 2017 48
Number of houses 2016 1,300,093
Number of inhabitants p/ km² 2017 1053
Population 1 January 2017 2,813,466
Amsterdam 799,278
Haarlem 153,093
Zaanstad 149,622
Haarlemmermeer 149,622
Gross regional product € 95,351 million (CBS, 2011)
Amsterdam Metropolitan Area € 59,328 million (CBS, 2011)
Noord-Holland South and North € 8,313 million (CBS, 2011)
Working population 2012 1,436,494 (LISA, 2012)
Commercial services 813,680 (LISA, 2012)
Non-commercial services 431,936 (LISA, 2012)
Construction services 168,544 (LISA, 2012)
Agriculture 22.334 (LISA, 2012)
Number of companies (total) 266,078 (LISA, 2012)
Amsterdam 107,163 (LISA, 2012)
Northern area 54,982 (LISA, 2012)
Southern area 211,096 (LISA, 2012)
Number of foreign companies

2,800 (NFIA, 2011)

Amsterdam Metropolitan Area 2,200 (Amsterdam inbusiness, 2012)
Number of foreign tourists

5.7 million (CBS, 2012)

Amsterdam 4.3 million (CBS, 2012)
Twinning relationships Province of Shandong (China)